Document Generation


Compliant Templates & Forms

Our experienced professionals analyze your lending or servicing footprint and determine what documents and language are required for each transaction type. And we understand that no two operations are exactly alike, which is why we also make custom documents or client-specific changes to our library documents. With our support and client correspondence print and delivery solution, you can be confident that compliant documents are always delivered to your borrowers.


Document Preparation

Our leading-edge, hosted document preparation platform allows us to generate any document in the residential mortgage loan lifecycle. At origination, our clients rely on our expertise to create compliant preliminary disclosures, processing correspondence and loan closing packages. Our loan servicing clients rely on that same expertise to create compliant borrower correspondence, including any instrument related to loss mitigation and default.


Digital Delivery & eSign

Timely, efficient, paperless digital delivery and eSign speed can not only improve the borrower experience, but also save you significant time and money. Covius can provide a direct-to-borrower electronic delivery path with secure borrower authentication through a private-label website or system-linked single sign on, if you already have a borrower website. Once the final document data is generated, we immediately and securely return the complete dataset to your system of record.



Print Fulfillment

You get superior print fulfillment and mailing of any document from our three geographically diverse, load-balanced print facilities across three time zones. Our vast capacity for high-volume needs and system redundancy ensures all critical correspondence is printed and in the mail stream on time.



Document Generation: By the Numbers

  • 1,500,000+ letters and mailings, generated and mailed monthly
  • SLAs met at › 97.9%
  • 100% daily reconciliation
  • Integrated with three leading shipping companies—FedEx, UPS, and USPS—to reduce costs and speed delivery times

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About Covius

Covius is a trusted provider of solutions, insight and technology to leading financial services companies. Our technology-enabled solutions deliver operational efficiencies, mitigate risk and empower confident, compliant decisions and borrower interactions. Covius businesses are recognized leaders in quality assurance, regulatory compliance, compliant document services, comprehensive settlement services, lien and title curative solutions, as well as rapid development, customizable cloud-based business process solutions.

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