Document Management


Transparent Technology

Covius Document Services offers hosted component-based solutions that can be integrated to your existing infrastructure or a comprehensive enterprise content management solution. All of our solutions are designed to give you greater transparency and control. Our DocData™ engine automatically recognizes the forms and identifies relevant data points. Our InSight™, web-based image viewer lets you view and retrieve mortgage documents that have been classified through DocData. Additionally, TrackRight™, our web-based repository, provides auditable proof of documents mailed and returned, for both certified and non-deliverable transactions.


Mailroom Services

Avoid the costs and hassles of receiving and processing borrower correspondence by taking advantage of our complete mailroom services. We can provide a secure daily mail pick-up from client-specific USPS post office box, open envelopes and prep contents for scanning, create digital images of all envelope contents, return the original envelope contents to you or your documents custodian and forward checks contained in envelopes daily to your lockbox using your designated courier.

Document Perfection

Our comprehensive business process management (BPM) applications provide perfected documentation to support regulatory compliance. Our image-enabled BPM can drive required workflow based upon image receipt. In addition, we review any document that requires more than just accurate recognition and data extraction, fulfill solicitation and acknowledgment notices, and manage borrower response packages—advancing operational efficiency and minimizing risk.


Document Management Capabilities:  By the Numbers

  • Classification of 2M+ images daily
  • 300M+ documents (~1.5B images) classified to-date
  • 2M+ OCR data values extracted monthly



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About Covius

Covius is a trusted provider of solutions, insight and technology to leading financial services companies. Our technology-enabled solutions deliver operational efficiencies, mitigate risk and empower confident, compliant decisions and borrower interactions. Covius businesses are recognized leaders in quality assurance, regulatory compliance, compliant document services, comprehensive settlement services, lien and title curative solutions, as well as rapid development, customizable cloud-based business process solutions.

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